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With chronic shoulder dislocations I never thought I would play football again. Flex got me back in the game injury-free.

D.C. Dana Point

After my back surgery I couldn't believe how fast my recovery was! Thank you Flex.

L.M. San Juan Capistrano

After a severe stroke my wife had little to no hope. Flex had her walking in less than six months. Thank you Tess.

T.H. Laguna Woods

It is so very helpful to have a therapist who listens and then devises his therapy to fit the individuals' needs. I feel lucky to have just such a therapy with Rob and look forward to improving with each session.

M.T., Laguna Beach

I recommend Flex Physical Therapy which treated me for Bell's Palsy. It was like a miracle! I was treated for approximately 6 weeks and I was completely cured.

A.D. Seal Beach

Flex Physical Therapy has given me the tools necessary to manage my low back pain. I am impressed with their depth of knowledge, professional skills, and advanced modalities - including ultrasound and laser therapy. Their staff is very friendly and it is a pleasure working with them. I am so grateful for their expertise. I came to them with severe low back pain and after a few visits my backs feels amazing! Thank you Flex!

Stephanie H, San Clemente

My doctor decided that I should come to Flex Physical Therapy, because nothing they were doing for me seemed to work. Now I come here once a week and my lower back is not in pain as much. I have raved about this Flex Therapy to everyone who complains of pain to me. Great place!

Dolly C, San Juan Capistrano

My mom has been with Flex for 8 years now. She has Parkinson's and we all know how debilitating it is. The physical therapy she has had, and is continuing to get, tremendously helped. Living in Costa Rica, I am so confident that Mom is in good hands. The therapists at Flex are very conscientious. Tess is very knowledgeable. Terrific and compassionate,she still finds time to call me for conferences despite her busy schedule. Keep it up, Flex!

R.W. Laguna Niguel and Costa Rica

For years I have suffered from sciatica and in addition, for the past year or so I have been having severe leg pains from diabetic neuropathy. I read your ad in the OC Register, and reluctantly went to your clinic for a trial. After the third visit I have been completely pain-free. Prior to going for treatment, I used to take 2 to 3 "A---e" every evening before going to bed and used to wake up every night at about 2:30 am as the pill lost its effect.

I am sure that the exercises, deep tissue massage and the laser treatment are giving the relief. In any case I will continue the exercises and see how long the pain-free period will last. If I feel that I need maintenance treatment, I will be in touch with you.

G.R. San Juan Capistrano

I wanted to send along a brief note thanking you for your cold laser treatment of my lower leg pain and lower back pain. For years I struggled with excruciating pain in my legs and back from a fall I had at a local department store, in addition to suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I tried so many different therapies and modalities that I ran out of options. I tried oral pain relievers, S.S.R.I.'s, anti-depressants, and all the new marvel drugs on the market today.

The results were very disappointing to me as I spent countless nights in the grip of agony as the pain overwhelmed me. After 15 years I was at the point of giving up hope of ever finding a treatment for my chronic state. Then I heard of Flex Therapy and their use of cold laser. This laser was being used in various capacities for military use and spinal cord restoration. I decided to go to Flex and give it one last try. So far, the laser is working for me! It has brought relief to me and to my wife who has also indured watching me suffer in agony. We both have been so pleased and thankful to Tess for her efforts in my behalf using the laser. I have eliminated almost all of my pain meds and I am telling all my friends about this treatment. I hope everyone gets the pain relief that I have achieved. This is not a dream - it is a true therapy that helped me live again.

Don G., San Juan Capistrano