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A Drug Free Alternative for Horses

With Laser Therapy you can heal and relieve pain:

  • Muscle, tendon & ligament injuries
  • Pain management from trauma & post surgical wounds
  • Inflammation & swelling
  • Wound healing including degloving injuries
  • Degenerative disc disease & more

When the drugs don't work

Anti-inflammatory drugs do not heal, they can not be used before a competition and they often have side effects. We believe that our Cold laser therapy should replace NSAIDS as the first treatment for equine injuries. Cold Laser can be applied by vets, owners, riders and trainers and is best delivered as soon as an injury occurs.

MD's and scientists have now published over 1,000 laboratory and clinical trials (RCT's) in medical journals now proving that not only can cold lasers heal soft and hard tissue, but they can also offer pain relief and rapidly resolve inflammation without side effects of drug therapies and for less cost.

What is it?

Laser and LED beams of light can stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and transmit pain.

How LLLT / cold laser therapy works

Certain wavelengths of light can stimulate or inhibit cellular function according to it's intensity and the time applied.

Lasers and LED's produce intense beams of light at specific wavelengths. When the right wavelength at the right intensity is used at the correct anatomical location for the right amount of time you can stimulate repair, resolve inflammation and reduce pain.

One of the primary mechanisms is the effect of light on cytochrome c oxidase and the consequently the unbinding of nitric oxide and release of ATP leading to improved cellular function. For anti-inflammatory effects we have found a measurable reduction in PGE2, TNF Alpha and IL-6 in the synovia surrounding damaged tendons and for analgesia high intensity lasers over nerve supply can inhibit fast axonal flow.

In addition, high intensity single point lasers can release trigger points and treat acupuncture points instead of needles.

Once you understand these mechanisms and their subsequent physiological effects LLLT / Cold Laser becomes a powerful tool. We hope you use your laser extensively and create great value for patients and your practice. LLLT / Cold Lasers improve healing and are a drug free analgesic.

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*Veterinary Economic survey, reports that laser therapy is the #1 service to add or expand because it offers "opportunities to boost your appeal with clients - and raise your bottom line". View our training course information

3B or Class IV Lasers? What's the difference?

Class IV lasers are stronger than 3B but they do not work as well because they can over treat tissue. Just like any medicine an overdose can be a bad thing.

Class IV beams need to be defocused so that they do not cut tissue, and so they work in the same fashion as 3B lasers, but even so the beams are still a bit too strong and do not work so well. Scientific evidence confirms that lower intensity is more effective for inflammation and healing. High intensity is however good for analgesia so THOR have both high and low intensity lasers / LEDs. Read more here 3B vs Class IV Lasers

It is important to me that the best care and treatment is available to all horses and that means good product and good training is provided.

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