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Serving Up Better Treatment For Tennis Elbow

The most recent research on treatment options for "tennis elbow"(technically known as lateral epicondylitis) reveals that physical therapy and a "wait-and-see" approach provide long-term results better than corticosteroid injections.

Tennis elbow is not the result of inflammation but of small tears in the tendons that attach the muscles of the forearm to the arm bone at the elbow joint. While corticosteroid shots may provide temporary relief from the pain of tennis elbow, they are associated with poorer long-term results when compared with physical therapy and a wait-and-see approach. This finding helps guide any treatment decision among those who experience this painful condition. Post-treatment education about modifying behavior also prevents recurrences.

Whether you are suffering from tennis elbow or any other sport-related injury, have your doctor call our facility to find out how physical therapy may benefit your condition. Our treatment plans are designed not just to alleviate existing pain, but also to foster long-term results. In addition to treating your current ailment, we can work with you to develop a training program aimed at preventing or reducing injuries common to your sport. Our phone number is 949-429-3220. Inquire about the"THOR approach" for this kind of injury.

P.S. Resting muscles and tendons and giving them time to rebuild is the key to curing tennis elbow.