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Active Lifestyle May Stave Off Repetitive Strain Injury

Physical activity may play a role in helping workers reduce their risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

This is the recent finding of a study that revealed that upper-body injuries (such as to the wrist/hand, shoulder, and elbow) were the most common type of repetitive injury among full-time workers. The factors that were most likely to place workers at higher risk for these injuries were found to be physical work demands, work-related stress, obesity, and smoking. Workers also found that physical activity outside of work helps reduce the risk of work-related RSI. It is thought that physical activity may promote mechanical and metabolic processes in the musculoskeletal system that counter the sedentary effects of many jobs.

Physical therapists know better than anyone that physical activity is so important to maintaining musculoskeletal health. Whether you are suffering from an occupational injury such as RSI, or whether you need to regain physical independence after an accident, surgery, or stroke, the experienced staff at our facility will help you develop a treatment plan and an exercise program that is tailored to your individual needs. Call 949-429-3220 to learn more. Our services include home care visits, laser therapy, and a special program designed for active seniors.

P.S. Aside from helping workers avoid repetitive strain injury, an active lifestyle may also improve upper-body muscle strength, as well as provide better balance of movement.