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The Importance Of Rehab After Meniscectomy

Research has shown that, several years after repair of a non-traumatic meniscus tear, the loss of muscle strength in the quadriceps left middle-aged patients with painful, unstable knees that were prone to arthritis in the future.

The thigh muscles (quadriceps) play an important role in stabilizing the knee joint, as well as in distributing the load across the joint. Insufficient muscle strength (which has been reported two to six months after surgery) may lead to increased physical stress. Increased impact on cartilage as muscles fail to absorb forces while walking leads to a risk of osteoarthritis. These findings point out the importance of undergoing proper rehabilitation to restore full strength to the quadriceps after meniscus surgery.

If you are going to have meniscus surgery, or any other surgery, be sure to discuss the possible future side effects with a physical therapist at our facility. Proper post-surgical rehabilitation can be key to preventing other unwanted problems from surfacing down the road. We also treat arthritis, geriatric disorders, orthopedic cases, overuse injuries, and more. Our phone number is 949-429-3220 and we are located at 27136 B Paseo Espada, Suite 1103, San Juan Capistrano. We are the only facility in Orange County that use THOR Laser, the latest in photo medicine. Ask us! 

P. S. The knee instability that some patients may report after under going knee surgery may likely be due more to altered lower-extremity muscle strength than to knee-joint laxity.