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Advice For Weekend Warriors

As warm weather approaches, weekend warriors should remember that, despite their enthusiasm for getting themselves on the court, course, or ball field, they are not kids anymore.

Jumping into the action after a sedentary period of any length invites injury. So, prepare for your sport in the weeks leading up to play. Be sure to undergo sufficient warm-up immediately before playing and stretching immediately afterward. Once an injury does occur, it is recommended that a program of rehabilitation be followed. All too many weekend warriors resume activity without paying enough attention to adequate healing and strengthening of the injured area. To do so simply invites re-injury. Instead, aim for full recovery under the guidance of a physical therapist.

Here at our facility, we provide physical therapy and rehabilitation after you've suffered from a sports-related injury, but we'd rather see you before an injury takes place! We can help your body prepare and learn ways of avoiding injuries that are common to your sport. We offer the latest in laser technology to treat a range of issues, from athletic performance enhancement to scar tissue reduction. We also have an innovative treatment program designed for active seniors. Call 949-429-3220 today.

P.S. Complete recovery from injury not only involves strength and flexibility training, it also includes attention to coordination and balance.