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When the hamstring muscles at the back of the upper leg (opposing the quadriceps) are tight, it can limit sporting activity and leave athletes vulnerable to muscle tears. Tight hamstrings can also lead to postural problems and back pain because they tend to pull the pelvis out of its normal position.

Tight hamstrings can have genetic origins or can arise due to insufficient stretching. Generally speaking, women's and children's hamstring muscles tend to be supple than men's. However, even if you do not have tight hamstrings, you can improve your flexibility by stretching. When doing so, avoid bouncing and forcing the muscles to go further than is comfortable. Instead, slowly stretch to the point of feeling tightness, then relax.

If you have experienced muscle tears, postural problems, or back pain, a physical therapist at our facility can help you get to the root of your problem. Our primary goal is to help our patients recover from injury or surgery and resume their everyday activities. We can also develop personalized training programs, including stretching, strength-training, and functional activities, to help you reach your physical goals. Call 949-429-3220 to learn more. We are located at 27136 B Paseo Espada, Suite 1103, San Juan Capistrano, and specialize in programs for active seniors as well as geriatric care. Our clinic is the only in Orange County to use THOR, the ultimate in laser therapy. 

P. S. Regular sports massage, which focuses on the legs, can reduce hamstring tightness.