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Shoulder To Try On

It will be of significant interest to anyone considering shoulder replacement surgery that a recent study found that many physically active patients return to recreational sports after undergoing the procedure. In fact, most of those who underwent the surgery in order to continue to take part in sports reported that they actually experienced increased ability. 

Of the 48 adults who received new shoulder so that they could continue with participation in sports, 71 percent said that the operation improved their ability while half reported playing their chosen sport more frequently after the surgery than before. Most patients returned to full activity within six months. Swimmers and golfers returned to their sports most readily; softball players had the most difficult time.

Physical therapy can help you get back in the game after any surgery, be it a shoulder replacement, a hip replacement or something much more minor. At our facility, our professional therapists will tailor a course of therapy unique to your individual situation using a wide variety of rehabilitation techniques and cutting-edge technology. We can help you whether you want to hit the back nine or simply want to be able to walk down the stairs. We also offer home visits. Call us at 949-429-3220 today to learn more about our wide range of services or visit our office at 27136 B Paseo Espada, Suite 1103, San Juan Capistrano. 

P.S. According to the study mentioned above, within a year of shoulder replacement surgery, patients were engaging in their sports 1.7 days a week. It took them 5.8 months to return to full activity.