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The Ins And Outs Of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains, the most common joint injury, involve some degree of tearing in one or more ligaments securing the bones in the joint. About 85% of sprains are "inversion" sprains, meaning that the sole of the foot turns inward, injuring this ligament on the outside of the ankle. 

"Eversion" sprains occur when the foot turns outward, affecting ligaments on the inner side. Sprains are graded as mild (the ligament is severely stretched with microscopic tears), moderate (partially torn ligament), or severe (complete tear, meaning that the ligament can no longer control the ankle joint). If the swelling is more than slight with bluish-purple coloration and you cannot bear the weight, you probably have a moderate or severe sprain requiring medical attention.

You don't need to be suffering from a sprain to benefit from physical therapy. Our compassionate therapists can help you whether you're recovering from an automobile accident, a surgery, a sports injury, arthritis, or something as simple as a sprained ankle. We work with you to create a program to get you back on your feet. Call 949-429-3220 today to learn what we can do for you. Our facility is located at 27136 B Paseo Espada, Suite 1103, San Juan Capistrano.

P.S. Severe ankle sprains require physical therapy to help avert re-injury. For shorter treatment time and faster recovery, try our THOR laser.