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Pain In The Ball Of The Foot

Running can exert as much as 110 tons of cumulative force per mile on the five long bones that run from your arch to your toes (the metatarsals). When you push off the ground, your body weight is transferred to the metatarsals. 

If the weight distribution across the foot is uneven when it hits the pavement, whether due to foot mechanics, a tight Achilles tendon, calluses, or other causes, the metatarsals can become irritated and inflamed. This results in metatarsal symptoms such as burning, stabbing, or aching pain in the "head" of the bone just beneath the toes. This problem may be treated with ice, rest, and the use of shock-absorbing insoles. 

When you're in pain, in your feet or anywhere else, your whole life is affected. But you don't have to live with that pain. Our expert staff of physical therapists will work with you, one-on-one, to create a pain management regimen to help you live life more fully. We use a wide variety of techniques and modalities to tackle pain from every angle. If you're tired of the pain and would like to schedule an appointment, call 949-429-3220 or visit our facility at 27136 B. Paseo Espada, Suite 1103, San Juan Capistrano. 

P.S. Metatarsalgia can lead to joint swelling, bone bruising, chronic stiffness, and lost range of motion if not treated properly.