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No Sleeping On The Job

While no one suggests that sleep does anything but renew health and vitality, recent research indicates that daytime sleeping may impede the recoveries of older patients receiving inpatient rehabilitation after a heart attach, stroke, or injury. 

Researchers found that by reducing daytime sleeping among those older patients, they could affect their immediate and long-term functional recovery. According to the study, time spent asleep during the day was significantly associated with poorer immediate functional recovery, as was cognitive impairment and the need to revisit the hospital. However, spending fewer daytime hours sleeping was a significant predictor of greater functional recovery after three months. Thus, physical therapists may want to ask about patients' sleep behavior as part of their rehabilitation. 

At our facility, our professional therapists understand how things like daytime sleeping can affect a patients's recovery. We work with you to create a plan for recovery that includes not just the therapy sessions at our facility but small changes in your life that can make a big difference. We can help you whether you're recovering from a fall, stroke, injury, or accident. Oxidative stress is a contributing factor for cognitive impairment. Ask us about THOR laser and its role in reducing oxidative stress. Call 949-429-3220 to learn more about our wide range of services or visit our office at 27136 B. Paseo Espada, Suite 1103, San Juan Capistrano. 

P.S. Daytime sleepiness may be a key symptom of sleep apnea, for which treatment is available