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Innovative Treatments

Due to the physiologic changes that occur with aging couples with desire to remain competitive and active, seniors are faced with an increased risk for traumatic injuries. The human body loses its flexibility, and muscle mass with age. It also experiences decreased healing and undergoes increased joint stresses due to arthritic joint changes. 

In the past, active seniors receiving orthopedic surgical procedures were faced with giving up their favorite activities just to prevent re-injury. There have been many advancements in modern physical therapy and surgical procedures. So even conditions as serious as total hip or knee joint replacement does not mean that seniors are forced to stop being active. With proper rehabilitation, most seniors can safely return to tennis, golf, walking, jogging, swimming and other activities that they love. 

At Flex we utilize the latest treatments along with state-of-the-art technology to help patients experience a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. In the past two decades our staff has worked with and treated thousand of seniors. Therefore, we have gained a much deeper and better understanding of the desire to return to an active routine. Our primary goal is to safely return the patient to their daily activities without re-injury. Our secondary goal is to help seniors stay in shape and continue to be active throughout their lives. We have accomplished this through the creation of an exercise program which includes stretching, strength training, functional activities, and a home treatment regimen. This results in an improved range of motion, function, strength, and balance.